Digital: WWPA Digital Library

Digital: WWPA Digital Library

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The WWPA Digital Library is an interactive PDF containing many of WWPA's most popular publications and full versions of WWPA's lumber design software.

Western Lumber Product Use Manual
Western Lumber Size Adjusted Values
Western Lumber Span Tables
Standard Patterns
Paneling Basics
Flame-Spread Ratings
Board Footage Table
Notching and Boring
Notching and Boring (Spanish)
Unseasoned (Green) Lumber
Mold, Housing and Wood
MSR Lumber
Lumber Storage
Lumber Storage (Spanish)
WWPA Grade Stamps
WWPA Grade Stamps (Spanish)
Framing Basics
Natural Wood Siding
Structural-Glued Lumber
Western Wood Species Book, Vol. 1, Dimension Lumber
WWPA Lumber Design Suite
WWPA Lumber DesignEasy - Joists
WWPA Lumber DesignEasy - Beams
WWPA Lumber Shrinkage Estimator